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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we have this. a frost advisory for the shoreline. temperatures mainly in the lower 30s, 30 to 35 degrees. what is more concerning is this. a freeze warning for the north bay, the inland valley and santa clara valley. temperatures back down into the upper 20s to the lower 20s. just for reference. we will shave off a few degrees from santa rosa to the upper 20s, at 28 degrees. napa forecast low of 27 and still sub freezing for concord. san jose down at freezing at 32. coming up in a few minutes, we will look at the temperatures in your neighborhood and also the changes you can expect for sunday morning and when finally we could be tracking warming numbers in the five day forecast. walnut creek is going to be one of the coldest spots in the area. with temperatures in the 20s. and ktvu's noelle walker is live. how cold is it right now. >> reporter: i just pulled it
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up on my phone, it stays it's 50 degrees. but you don't these one of these to know it's cold. when it's 11:40 and the temperature has not ventured out of the 40s that's a cold day. the fountain is not getting any love. when the scarfs and hoodies come out the sidewalk dining isn't getting a lot of love. if it's cold enough for you to wear a cold then it might be cold enough for your dogs to be sporting one too. on days like these, dogs dogs bundle up too. >> they're underaged. the puppy is in greater danger as well as senior animals in
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reaction to the cold weather. >> reporter: helena dicker says that the temperatures are cold then it's cold for the pets to be outdoors. >> if they don't have something warm to protect them from the cold it could be life threatening. >> reporter: just like people, pets need shelter from the cold. coming up tonight at 6:00, we will take you inside one of the emergency shelters that takes in families. noelle walker, ktvu. need less to say this cold weather is urging the homeless into shelters. you can also get updates from the ktvuwet every team any time they postupdates on facebook as well as twitter. you will also find the forecast on our website just click on the weather tab near the top of the page. police are investigating the shooting of man in oakland
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today. it happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the 2300 block of east 17 east street. when police arrived they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds outside a row of houses. the victim was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. so far investigators have no suspects and no motive in this shooting. a sweep led by oakland police netted several well known gang members and high powered weapons. paul chambers is here why they have bad feelings about those wanted. >> reporter: the people that officers went after today are the ones that commit most of the crimes. oakland police assisted by s.w.a.t. team searched by air and on the ground. rounding up some of the most dangerous criminals in the bay area. police say they are among the 1% of the population that commit 90% of the violent
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crimes in oakland. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring your to justice and to end the violence. >> reporter: as part of today's operation seize fire, officers serve six warrants four in oakland and one each in el sebrante. however neighbors near one of the homes raided today where they say no one was detained since they appreciate the police but weren't pleased with today's action. >> it does leave fear in the community and we see that kind of rapid action. >> after it was all over, to find out that they didn't find anything, and that they didn't arrest anybody, just didn't make me feel very good. >> reporter: officers were able to confiscate several weapons including semi automatic firearms. although it's unclear that all seven people will be detained today will be arrested. they have the backing of the u.s. and district attorney's office. >> that they will use every
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means available to them legally in regards to raising their bells, going after the most maximum charge they can have in each case. >> reporter: chief jordan say today is just one action of more to come as he vows on taking on the most active criminals. officers are looking into a shooting that killed a 17-year- old who was in the bay area celebrating his birthday with his family. authorities were out today looking for evidence at an apartment complex on drake avenue where the shooting happened. about 12:30 this morning. levandell williams of siskew county were there sráeuting. she says he didn't have any enemies there and that he was killed for something he didn't do. >> i just seen him six minutes before it happened. he was coming to check up on me to see if i was okay because there was some stuff going on
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by my house. >> someone thought he took a stash of dope and took his life and he didn't even take it. >> reporter: at this point no arrests have been made and so far investigators don't have a description of the victims. disappeared right on to city streets. ktvu's john sasaki is here live to tell us how it all happened. >> this is where 31-year-old inmate anthony hopkins escaped. near this ambulance entrance you can see the police and sheriff's vehicle that is arrive with prisoners every day. that process backfired for one deputy this morning. a deputy arrived for a routine medical appointment. when the deputy opened the door to get him out, hoskins ran out into the neighborhood around 14th aver at 30th street.
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we watched as investigators recovered hoskins dumped his clothes in the area. they say he's a robbery suspect and he has family in the area. >> any time you get a situation like this, if you escape out of custody we consider them dangerous. >> reporter: here's hoskins mug shot. if you see him you are asked to call 911. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 you will hear from people who are very concerned about this i said -- this incident and what it went more the neighborhood. a san pablo teenager received a 100 year sentence today in connection with the 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside of a homecoming dance in richmond. now the sentence is part of a plea deal for ari morales struck last year. in exchange, morales pleaded guilty to several charges. he was 16 at the time of the crime. he is the youngest defendant in
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this case. another defendant 22-year-old manuel ortega of richmond is serving a sentence after pleading guilty. two reports of a man exposing him, police say the same man exposed himself to women wednesday and thursday. the first incident happened in a parking lot on sherman avenue. then yesterday they say the man pulled down his pants outside a fitness center. the man is described as white, in his 20s about 6'tall weighing around 180 pounds with dark hair. now to our continuing coverage of monday's oil tanker crash into a tower. the reymar has now left, they gave it clearance to leave after completing an inspection. the tanker will need repairs
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though before returning to service. the coast guard says its investigation into the cause of the crash may take several months to complete. all right, we are now just 24 hours away from kick off between the san francisco 49ers and the green bay packers. and ktvu's david stevenson is at candle stick park tonight. david is everything all set at the stadium or is there still a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: the work is continuing on as the 49ers prepare for tomorrow. maintenance crews this afternoon put the finishing touches on the candle stick park field as they prepare for sunday's game. >> it's winner takes all. it's all on the line. >> reporter: it's preparing for the 60,000 excited green bay and 49ers fans expected to pack the park and the parking lots before and after the game. >> we ask people to come a little earlier especially out of the tailgate party. so we'll be shutting those downright before kick off to make sure everybody gets into
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their seats. >> the staffing will be an equivalent pump up to any monday night football game. >> reporter: that means there will be extra uniformed and plain clothed officers looking for scoupers and team rivals. >> anyone that's threatening or eliminating fans from either side will not be tolerated. >> reporter: for the 49ers the game marks the count down to the move in santa clara next year. >> it's exciting. we have another year of this. we have at least another 12 games is how i look at it but we take one day at a time. but candle stick has a special place for me. >> reporter: a big issue for this game is power. back in december 2011 an electrical failure plunged the park into darkness. coming up at six clock what we learned about the test done last night here to prevent that from happening again. for now, reporting live from san francisco, david stevenson,
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ktvu news. a hand shape deal has been struck. according to comcast sports net the maloof brothers closed the group with the seattle group. neither the kings or maloofs are commenting. the sale could come as early as next week. reports of the sale first surfaced on wednesday. the team plans to build an arena in seattle. the 787 dream liner makes its first stop in the south bay. it's a big moment for the airport. but it comes as there are even more problems with this new plan. >> our troops will have a different mission. >> a change in afghanistan. the historic announcement today by president obama. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song.
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that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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the much talked about boeing 787 dream liner has come to mineta san jose international airport. there you see it landing with a
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plane full of passengers from tokyo. all nepal airlines are now offering the fright from san jose and asian in six years. >> it's very exciting, it's a huge thing because this is the first. we need to be successful with the first so we get the second, third and fourth. >> reporter: local leaders toasted the arrival of ana service at san jose international with a little saki. the airline is set to fly nonstop from tokyo to san jose five days a week. the dream liner is the world's newest but the mostly nonmetal plane is getting a major safety review as problems including two more just today are creeping up. our consumer editor tom vacar who covers commercial aviation for us is at the airport in san jose tonight. tom-- >> reporter: that plane which left here about noon is already half way to tokyo. concerns about san jose's newest airliner are nothing new but they are a bit scary. >> reporter: for san jose
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airport bad luck and bad timing tainted the problem free inauguration of 787 to asian. six incidents led to a federal safety review. >> design, manufacturing, and assembly. through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: specifically a test aircraft had a small fire back in 2010. after the plane was put into service late last year, there was a generator failure followed by an electrical panel problem. and this month, a serious battery fire on a japan airline 787 in boston. follow bid a fuel leak in boston followed by a breaking system problem. and just today, even before the review was announced. japan's a & m announced that one of their windshields had
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cracked in light and another had an oil leak. nonetheless. >> this aircraft meets a high level of safety for our passengers. >> reporter: the 787 is having teething pains despite of years of prepassenger testing. there were major issues with the 747. the 777 and 8380 jumbo jet. >> we believe this is a safe aircraft. >> reporter: and so far united is the only u.s. carrier currently flying the 787 in and out of sfo. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a north carolina college is suing over a slogan. north carolina claims that cisco stole its new slogan
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tomorrow starts here. north carolina says storm tarts here is their university wide brand. cisco told ktvu that it was surprised. it sent us this statement, cisco takes very seriously intellectual property rights very seriously. it accuses hp of misclassifying its tech workers as exempt and ineligible for overtime pay. attorneys say this case affects thousands of workers. a spokesman for hewlett packard said the company is reviewing the lawsuit but has no other comment at this time. the santa clara county board of super supervisors will review an audit. the finance committee voted last month to move up the
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presentation of the audit. this comes after auditors concluded that george s chirokawa has miss used money with his government issued card. the prognosis is good for a high school student who was shot yesterday. sheriff officials say the 16- year-old boy was shot by a classmate at taft high school yesterday. staff members talked the shooter into surrendering and he was quickly arrested. the victim underwent surgery yesterday and is in a medically induced coma tonight. the student has been arranged. james holmes was due to enter a claim today but attorneys have asked for more
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time. at today's hearing the father of one victim said -- the two leaders appeared together at the white house following a private meeting. the president said the training of afghan forces was moving faster than expected allowing for them to take over the lead in combat missions ahead of the original summertime table. >> starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission. training, advising, assisting afghan forces. it will be an historic moment. >> reporter: president obama says plans remain on schedule for a complete transfer of security by the ends of 2014 which would allow the war to come to a quote responsible end. right now there are some 66,000
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u.s. forces in afghanistan. president obama is due to deliver his first state of the union address on february 12th. john boehner said that the country faces intense challenges. overnight and this morning we sure felt those extremely cold temperatures that our meteorologists were talking about. >> basically a repeat performance for tomorrow. although it will be a little cooler. that means we'll start in the 20s. live on our maps we do have a weather pattern, a few dry clouds out there. we're going to hold on to that slight chance at least over the next few hours. for the most part, partly cloudy skies and a cold start for the evening hours. right now once again showing you some 40s. already for this 5:00 hour up
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in santa rosa and napa and concord. downtown san francisco at 48. san jose in the upper 40s. some more cold numbers to show you up near sonoma, heelsburg and sebastapool checking in at 47. petaluma 44 degrees. areas of frost and take a look at these numbers these about two to 4 degrees cooler for the temperatures today. once again a freeze warning in place for the north bay also the inland valleys and the santa clara valley including san jose right down to about freezing. lots of upper 20s and 40s and mid- to upper 40s right around the bay shoreline for san francisco and oakland. fremont 33. here we are with our temperature forecast model. this contour links up with the 20s, 30s and narrow band of 40s hugging the shoreline. a very cold start. you want to keep the plants
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warm and animals warm. look what happen -- happen spwaos -- look what happens early in the morning. upper 40s into the lower 50s for afternoon highs. you can see with our temperature scale by 3:00 saturday afternoon. you may be hearing for shower activities this weekend. we break down the showers on saturday. and we will let you know when we finally lower the numbers. and is the end near? the update we just received on a soul food restaurant that is facing foreclosure. a man stabbed to death but the one who held the knife isn't in custody. we'll break down the complicated web of suspects and explain why no one may be
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charged. >> also a welcome at this bay area college. we'll reveal what this group is demanding. >> and the danger a dog caused and the link one man is taking to track down the run away pet owner, next. t;
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oakland firefighters quickly knocked down a fire this morning on walnut street. the fire broke out about 10:00 a.m. and create add lot of smoke in the area. firefighters had it under control in about 15 minutes. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation but fire officials say that it does not appear to be suspicion. authorities in sonoma county are investigating a gruesome discovery. a body was found in the nevato recycling facility. officials say the body was
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found inside some material brought in for recycling. there's no word yet on the person's identity or how it ended up in the disposal facility. the man known as the american taliban should be allowed to pray daily in their high security prison. john walker lin filed a lawsuit with his right to play with his muslim inmates once a day instead of once a week. a soul food restaurant in oakland held a special breakfast buffet today calling on community members to help keep its doors open. the owners of uncle willie's bar-b-que are facing a foreclosure sale next monday. this morning they urged customers to urge their loan
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company to extend their loan. >> we asked the bank to help us. they offered us several programs that were set up for us to fail and that's exactly what we did. we've been failing. >> the rest rant has been operating from its current location for almost eight years -- the restaurant has been operating from its current location for almost eight years. what we learned about the flu shot supply.
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the flu season is ramping up as we learn the virus is now widespread in all but three states in the united states. and california just happens to be one of those states. but doctors say it's only a matter of time before we get hit. one doctor we talked to today also told us he's seen an increase in flu cases in the bay area over the past two weeks. matt keller is looking to see if there's been a run on the flu vaccine and whether there have been any shortages. matt, what did you find out. >> reporter: i spoke to the pharmacist at target over the phone they told us they still have the vaccine but demand has increased lately so it's going fast. whether it's through a shot or nasal spray, getting the flu vaccine is not fun. >> go like this. >> reporter: flu season has started early this winter and it's a doosey compared to the
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mild one. flu is rampant in other states but not in california, that's not stopping people from getting their vaccines. >> we're looking at children two years of age and younger are more vulnerable because of the fact they have smaller respiratory tracts. their immune system is not fully developed because they are smaller in mass size. they have a harder time fighting off the infection. >> we're definitely glad we came today. >> reporter: the public health department says there's no shortage of the vaccine but it depends on where you go. i called several target pharmacies today, one told me they only had one shot left. hoping for more vaccines soon. and palo alto foundation was booking their appointments for kids almost two weeks out and promised to call to cancel if they run out of the vaccine. >> i am expecting it to peak because it is so widespread.
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>> have you heard of anyone getting the flu at your children's school. >> no not yet. but we're trying to beat it. >> reporter: as demand increases pharmacists recommend you call ahead to make sure they have the vaccine in stock. matt keller, ktvu news. many people in the bay area go to work when they've got the flu or other communical diseases because they cannot afford to take the time off. more than 1/3 of the work force is made up of part time workers and that raises the risk for everyone. it's also expensive. the center for disease control estimate that is medical cost of the typical flu season are more than $10 billion. a silican valley city put today its citizens on notice. saying watch out where you light up. fremont sent out a notice. the new rules take effect
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january 4th. the rules streamline requirements for no smoking signs and ban smoking within 25 feet of building entrances, windows and air intakes. fremont police say a man who turned himself in after fatally shooting a family member yesterday has been released. this all happened around 5:25 in a home near hardy court. authorities have not revealed the names of either the shooter or victim. they've also not yet revealed a motive in the incident. recuers in arizona pulled a bay area man from the bottom of a mine shaft. it happened at meteor crater shaft. the victim is identified as singh. it took more than eight hours to pull him to safety. singh is reported to be in stable condition in a hospital
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at flagstaff. according to authorities says he jumped to quote appease the gods. san francisco based wells fargo is making a lot of money. in fact, the bank made more than $5 billion in profits in the fourth quarter of 2012. that's a 24% increase. it's mortgage business it's what's driving the profits. wells fargo is the first of the big banks to report their earnings. it was a mixed day on wall street to finish the week. the nasdaq was up almost four. but the s & p500 was off a little less than a point. tens of thousands of people are in the area for the packers packers-49ers divisional game will be tomorrow. the city is decked out. >> reporter: the four towers at embarcadero center have been
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outlined with 1,700 gold and white lights. you see the red and gold lights on the top tier. it's all to get fans ready for the play offs. >> reporter: at the gateway to san francisco, golden gate bridge toll workers greeted drivers in brand new 49ers gear. the team gave free hats to workers willing to sport team spirit. >> a lot of people were excited. saying go niners. >> reporter: at the nfl store at pier 29 the cross country competition was also on display as fans from both sides stormed in to stock up on fears. >> my family is a die-hard niner fans. family tradition. >> his companion was going to root for the packers until bubba paris stepped in.
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>> i have convinced him otherwise. >> my dad is a 49ers fan. >> they'll go home tomorrow bearing gift that is may intensify the family rivalry. >> and mine says montana. >> reporter: despite the intense competition, fans we talked to have nothing but praise for their peers. >> the packers fans, we met a few of them already, they've been very friendly. >> so friendly, the packers and 49ers fans took a picture together, complete strangers, brought together by tomorrow's game. >> i'm not going to wish you luck. but have a good game. >> yeah, have a good game. >> reporter: back here in the embarcadero the towers will remain lit until the season is over. the 49ers fans hope these lights will stay on until super bowl sunday. >> ktvu's coverage of the game
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starts at 4:00 p.m., we'll have play off play book with sports director mark ibanez and joe fonzi. then fox picks up coverage for you at 4:30 with kick offset for just a little after 5:00 p.m. be sure to stay tuned following the game for point after. san francisco has lost a local celebrity who along with her twin sister became a famous figure in the city. vi vicious an brown died wednesday night at an assisted care facility in san francisco -- vivian brown. for years she and her twins acted as unofficial ambassadorred of san francisco as they appeared around the city in matching outfits. the two were featured in 25 television ads. a spokeswoman for the twins said that this is a very tough time for mariann as she mourns the death of her sister. she would have turned 86 years old later on this month. to you want to make sure
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that mark zuckerberg gets your message? the game industry gets its chance to weigh in on gun violence. the message the vice president had for them today at the white house. [ crickets chirping ]
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] a spectacular volcanic
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eruption in a remote part of russia continues. some 1,300 miles away from the mainland of alaska. the volcano had been dormant for close to 30 years before it started erupting in november. men who jumped into a tiger den at the bronx zoo and survived face a judge today. david villalobos was arraigned today on trespassing charges. he pleaded not guilty. villalobos jumped from a mono railcar into a wildlife exhibit. villalobos was attacked by a tiger. villalobos told the judge he had a desire to be quote, one with the tiger. facebook is looking at
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charging a fee so people can send messages to famous or people who are not their friends. some people are being offered the option to pay $100 to message facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. facebook says it's testing the extreme prices to see what works to filter spam. the company is also offering to pay $1 to get messages into the boxes of people who aren't famous. tests revealed that the nylon uniforms will burn until they are consumed. the navy dropped requirements for all sailors to wear flame resistant uniforms. navy commanders are now considering whether all personnel on board a ship
5:43 pm
should be issued flame resistant uniforms. americans have $1 trillion in student loans, more than credit card debt everyone. help could be on the way for those drowning in debt. we're still locked in the middle of a weather pattern. coming up the coolest morning of the upcoming weekend and the break down of shower chances over the next 24 hours. a man stabbed to death but the one who held the knife isn't in custody. we'll break down the complicated web of suspects and explain why no one may be charged. also a welcome in a not so welcoming crowd. we'll reveal what this crowd is demanding. the injury this canine caused. >> the dog is dangerous plain and simple. >> and the man who is going to extra strengths to capture the pet's owner. t;
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. student loan doll -- loan
5:46 pm
detonation wide surpassed the trillion dollar mark. that's more than all americans owe on their credit cards. but there is some new help now from washington for college graduates who are drowning in debt. >> reporter: every year millions of the students across the country take out private student loans to pay for college but consumer groups say they don't always read the fine print. >> private loan practices were very similar to the prime loan crisis. >> reporter: the consumer bureau says that's one reason student loan debt is spiraling out of control. now topping the trillion dollar mark. >> people who offer the loans outside the government loans it's a business. >> the bureau accepts complaints from student borrowers who might be having trouble with their loan lender.
5:47 pm
many people have gotten thousands of dollars in refund. >> reporter: the protection bureau says students should consider federal loans first. government loans have automatic protections like income based repayment. other wise students run the risk of starting their adult lives owes thousands to lenders. he also says it's a drag on the economy. >> people aren't able to purchase cars, they aren't able necessarily to start a small business. or to buy a home. >> reporter: he says people don't have to be scared about taking out student loans, a college education is an investment. but it needs to be a wise one. in washington, kayla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. the polaroid camera which fell way behind in popular when the digital camera came along is trying to make a come back. polaroid is introducing its new
5:48 pm
camera. they can also print or up load directly to social network platform. >> we like to consider ourselves a social network platform because we're all in polaroids that we didn't want to be in. being single during midlife could raise your risk of premature deaths. the research studied almost 1,200 men and found that those who had been previously married had an increased risk. the team notes that these findings held consistent even after accounting for other risk factors. they suspect chronic loneliness can be driving the increased risk. nasa scientists say the curiosity used a dust removal tool before taking these pictures showing the texture of
5:49 pm
a martian rock. you can see fractures, pits and tiny grains on the surface. the pictures were taken last week by the curiosity and show about one square inch of the dust. the nasa tool is just a brush that's at the end of a robotic arm. the draft of a federal report released today says climate change is already affecting americans in the form of heat waves, heavy rains, floods and drought. the report was written by 2,200 scientists and is called the climate assessment. it doesn't say what should be don for climate warming but it looks at what to do about the effects of climate change. hundreds of truckers had to spend the cold night in their
5:50 pm
riggs. officers began escorting traffic through about 8:00 this morning. all lanes opened up later in the morning. boy it's cold there it's also pretty cold here and sounds like it's going to get colder. >> temperatures already dropping off this evening you definitely want to bundle up tonight into tomorrow morning and also into your sunday as well. it's going to be a long time deal with those temperatures. on live storm tracker 2 we can show you this. a few partly cloudy skies. a little bit of detail on the radar, as you can see on the hills. we are expecting at least a chance of an isolated shower and that is the case, really not widespread in coverage and that will be dissipating in the short term. still clouds and winds out there. you can see out toward sfo a north wind sustained. as far as current temperatures those readings are cooling off as i mentioned in the 40s out toward santa rosa, napa, antioch 44. downtown san francisco 48 and san jose in the upper 40s as
5:51 pm
well. forecast headlines for tonight, partically cloudy and chilly. morning breeze with a mix. a freeze warning for the north bay, the inland valleys and santa clara valley. temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. here's a weather pattern developing once again for the second night in a low. some very cold numbers, frost redeveloping, temperatures as we showed you in the 20s and 30s. and then into tomorrow afternoon, basically for all day saturday. we'll be tracking some moisture just offshore. close enough to the bay area. there's a slight chance of a few sprinkles. you'll see coming up in a little bit. the forecast model keeps the shower activity out to the west. here we go 11:00 tonight, clearing skies with a batch of clouds moving in first thing tomorrow morning. i'll step out of the way. you can see shower 20 to 40
5:52 pm
miles offshore. close enough to ward off the sprinkles. but the main impact will be clouds with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures not much of a warm up for afternoon highs. upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose will go 51 degrees with half-moon bay right about 50. here is a look ahead your five day forecast with your vehicle end always in view. your weekend rapidly approaching. get ready, sunday morning that will be the coldest morning of the period. coolest locations around 24 to 25 degrees. i think we're going to have a freeze warning kick in for sunday morning as well. not issued just yet. looks like a warming pattern. coming up, we're all excited about the 49ers game tomorrow we'll have that forecast for candle stick. >> our coats are ready. >> yeah. >> thank you. why a well known television journalist is not going to be charged for something that he brought on his show. also why video game makers were brought to the white house today for a very important meeting. welcome se my lcret d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box.
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since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?!
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i think the hit of the show
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this year will probably be the -- vice president joe biden held another round of meetings today as he looks for answers to the gun violence question. today it was the video game industry's turn to be heard. >> there's no silver bullet, there's no as one of my friends said no seat belt that you can put on to make sure that you will not be in this circumstance again. >> reporter: the vice president met with representatives from
5:56 pm
game stop, epic games and other software makers. he told the company officials there they were not being singled out and that he was seeking help from many groups. president obama asked vice president biden to come up with anti violent proposals in the wake of the newtown connecticut mass shooting. >> there's 10,000 people a year gunned down in our cities. different motives, different reasons, different explanations but you know it's a real problem. >> reporter: the vice president says that one area where many groups agree is on the need for universal background check for all gun buyers. today's meeting followed a week of talks between vice president biden and the nra, hollywood leaders and gun sellers. prosecutors in washington, d.c. said today that nbc journalist david gregory is not going to be charged for showing a high capacity ammunition magazine on his show meet the press. firearms law in the nation's capital make possession of such
5:57 pm
a magazine illegal and washington, d.c. police had told nbc that it would be illegal. prosecutors say they recognize the device was intended as a prop to stimulate public discussion on gun control in the wake of the connecticut school massacre. we're starting to learn who's going to be performing at this year's presidential inauguration event. one of the president's loudest supporters katy perry will be there singing. along with perry the cast from glee. john legend, stevie wonder, smoky robinson just some of the numbers performing at the inauguration. you have heard of it, the prune-thon. they will attempt to prune 100,000 rose bushes. no experience is necessary, experts say that they will train volunteers in the proper way to prune.
5:58 pm
they say to show up at 9:00 a.m. and make sure to wear your gloves. a home invasion prop that turned deadly takes a new surprising turn. coming up in two minutes we are outside the martinez jail where two men accused of working with the woman to set up her ex are about to walk free. he jumped in to save his dog against a vicious attack by another dog. now he's trying to get the word out to find the owner other who he says ran off leaving his seriously hurt and wounded. -- leaving him seriously hurt and wounded.
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